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I have written my first book and it is now available for purchase online! The book is a historical document of the ship that my father served on in World War II, the destroyer escort U.S.S. HOLT (DE-706). Many crew members participated in telling stories about the various activities and other crew members on the ship so that the book is not just a boring tale of the voyages of the HOLT.

This is the true story of the men aboard the destroyer escort U.S.S. HOLT (DE-706) during World War II. The HOLT story begins with the ship's construction in 1943, launching in 1944, continues through its missions in the Pacific, and concludes with its decommissioning after the war in 1946. Major missions included Leyte Gulf Landings, a slow-tow convoy to Mindoro, the Lingayen Gulf Campaign, and the Legaspi Operation.

The HOLT was one of twenty-two Rudderow class destroyer escorts built during WWII. The HOLT and five other destroyer escorts became part of Escort Division 74 and participated in various task groups and units in the Philippine area. Enjoy learning about the ship’s missions and the crew with their many stories as they served their country with valor.

After attending a HOLT crew reunion in 2002, I created a website for the ship: The crew appreciated the effort, and since they had previously looked for someone to write a book about the ship, I volunteered my time. Plus I had always wanted to write some kind of book. It's just that I did not have a good subject and this was a very fascinating subject!

The book can now be ordered at the following online websites:

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I hope you enjoy the book!
Jeff Cope